CS354: Computer Networks

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This course is about the principles, technologies and protocols used by IP networks.

Course Outline and Outcomes

The student that passes this course on IP networks will become skilled in the following concepts

Prescribed Text Book

Computer Networks: A Systems Approach (Fifth Edition)
Larry L. Peterson and Bruce S. Davie
Morgan Kaufmann Publishers
ISBN 1-55860-577-0


Lecturer: Prof. A.E. Krzesinski.
Internal moderator: Prof. B. Fischer.
Assistants: S Deacon BSc (Head Demi 20039867), C Rossouw BSc (Teams Demi 20723806), C Yin BSc (20215266), O Kusluoglu BSc (19770251), M Turner BSc (18978894), A Dreyer BSc (19809301).
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